Here at Omega Medical Research, we feel it's important to give back to our community, not only as a corporation but as individuals as well.

Here is a sample of some activities  we are involved with our community:

  • Omega and staff adopt a family through Comprehensive Community Action each year at Christmas so the family can provide Christmas gifts to their children.
  • Omega is a corporate sponsor of a premier RI Soccer team for girls under 17-“Fortuna”.
  • Omega contributes yearly to the March of Dimes walk by sponsoring “Logan’s Walkers” team of walkers. Lynne Haughey and Patty Feole also walk in the event as members of Logan’s Walkers.
  • Lynne Haughey, MSN, FNP is a sponsor with Women for Women International, an organization that supports women survivors of war by moving them from victims to survivors to active citizens engaged in rebuilding their lives and communities. Lynne has sponsored women from Rwanda, Nigeria and the Congo who she has provided direct financial aid to and who have enrolled into and graduated from the Renewing Women’s Life Skills program that provides the woman with rights awareness, leadership education and vocational and technical skills training and access to income support generation. Additionally and perhaps most importantly, Lynne and the participant exchange letters in an effort to supply emotional support to a woman who may have lost everything due to a war.
  • Omega contributes yearly to “Carolyn’s Crew” a team of walkers that support Breast Cancer research through the American Cancer Society.  Johnna Pezzullo also walks in the event as part of Carolyn’s Crew.
  • Omega serves as a hole sponsor for the YWCA Northern RI Annual Golf Tournament to help support ENCOREplus® which is a program that provides a systematic approach to women’s health promotion, in particular, breast and cervical cancer education and control. The program not only educates women about the importance of early detection and refers them to screening services, but also helps women overcome the barriers that keep them from obtaining preventative health care services.
  • Each year, Joy Geer, RN participates in the RUN4KERRI road race, which raises money for a nonprofit scholarship fund to recognize well-rounded female athletes who plan on furthering their education by attending college. The race is named for Kerri Bessette, a high school athlete who lost her life to bacterial meningitis.
  • Omega donates each year to the St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital.
  • Omega donates each year to the Alzheimer’s Association.

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