At Omega Medical Research, our philosophy is simple-quality care and quality work will bring both our volunteers and study sponsors back, time and time again. Since the inception of Omega, this has held true. So, we thank those who have been with us throughout the years and look forward to serving new clients and clientele. Please let us know how we can be of service. Contact us to learn more about our services, staff, philosophy, and success.

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Johnna Pezzullo, BSN, RN and Lynne Haughey, MSN, FNP founded Omega Medical Research in 1993. We founded Omega with the hope and desire to bring cutting-edge treatments to our community by conducting quality clinical research. As you make your way through this website, we know you will discover the many reasons we have become a leading research firm, not only in RI but also in the country. If you are considering volunteering for a trial or would like to place a study at our site, we guarantee that quality, efficiency, accuracy, and professionalism will prevail.

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"Where the Medicines of  tomorrow are evaluated today"