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facility research lab at Omega Medical Research

monitoring room at Omega Mecial Research

Our services are provided in a state of the art 5,000 sq. foot facility located in a large medical office building with medical specialists, Xray facilities, and an Urgent Care Center,  as well as the infrastructure necessary to run clinical drug trials.



Dedicated Monitor Room-equipped with phones, fax, copier, high speed wireless internet
Conference Room
IP storage room with keypad locked entry, centrally monitored temperature control
Dedicated Laboratory for blood specimen processing/shipping
Dry Ice availability
CRF library with keypad locked entry
Long-term offsite document storage
Dedicated Patient Recruitment Department
Dedicated Regulatory Department
Dedicated Data Entry Department
Business Development Team
An all-RN Research Coordinator Staff



-70 Celsius freezer- centrally monitored to ensure temperature control
-20 Celsius freezer- centrally monitored to ensure temperature control  
Refrigerator –centrally monitored to ensure temperature control                              
Exercise/Treadmill Testing                   
Uroflow Meter
Bladder Ultrasound
Arterial Blood Flow dopplers
ECG Machines  
Centrifuges (room temp and refrigerated)
PSG testing
Infusion Capabilities 
Emergency crash cart 
Computerized Clinical Trial Management System with a research database of over 15,000 subjects



Omega also has access to specialized equipment at nearby facilities:

Dexa Scan
Nerve Conduction Studies
Sleep Lab
Ophthalmologic Services
Psychology Evaluations
MRI/CT Scans
Prostate Ultrasounds/Biopsies

Omega Medical Research
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