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Upcoming Studies

"I have been a volunteer with Omega Medical Research for more than 6 years. The variety of studies always cover a wide range of conditions. The staff makes a point to treat volunteers well and even go the extra mile to remember first names. I look forward to upcoming study opportunities and will continue to be a volunteer as long as possible."

-Bill B.

"I have been participating in trials with Omega for five years and have always found the staff to be professional and courteous. I was always treated with respect. Any questions I had about trials were answered in a caring and comprehensive manner. Omega has made me feel part of the 'team' and like my contribution was worth something. Thank you Omega!"

-Bob C.  

"I have been a volunteer at Omega Medical Research for approximately 10 years.  During this time I have been in many research studies.  All the employees have always been very friendly, professional, accommodating and thorough.  It is a pleasure to be associated with such an excellent organization."

-Sue K.

"I have been going to Omega for three years and I do like the way things are done there.  Appointments are on schedule - having blood work done is ~ well - it's painless - you don't even know it's being taken.  I like all the girls - Patty is great and Teresa is right up front with the appointments."

-Dahlia T.

"The people at Omega made me feel so welcomed and calm that the needles didn't hurt. I am not afraid anymore because of the way they were to me."