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Research Demographics:
Since 1993, Omega Medical Research has maintained a searchable, patient database that allows us to determine during feasibility assessments whether we should take on a study. By performing a simple search on our web-based clinical trials management system, we can determine the number of subjects based on a diagnosis that could potentially participate in a study. Our database currently houses over 15000 subjects who are interested in participating in research studies. 
Additionally, we work with each of our investigators for referrals from the databases of their private practices. Our Patient recruiters work in synergy with our Investigators to ensure studies are enrolled as requested by sponsors.

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Patient Demographics:
Rhode Island, smallest of the 50 states, is densely populated and highly industrialized. It is a major center for jewelry manufacturing. Electronics, metal, plastic products, and boat and ship construction are other important industries. Non-manufacturing employment includes research in health, medicine, and the ocean environment. Providence is a wholesale distribution center for New England.
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