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Sponsor's / CRO's

  1. Upfront, direct communication with the subject about their willingness to comply with the protocol expectations.
  2. Educating subject with regard to diaries and expectations at each study visit.
  3. Subject visits conducted only by Registered Nurse's lending to confidence in the staff and providing a sense of security that knowledgeable providers are administering protocols.
  4. At each visit, every volunteer is treated with the utmost respect and dignity, with patient safety being our utmost concern.
  5. Each subject in every study we conduct is called between each visit in an effort to keep subject engaged and interested, and to keep on top of any problems the subject may be experiencing-especially problems that may lead to early withdrawals.
  6. Timely patient compensation payments.
  7. Quarterly newsletter mailed to all patients in a database to keep them informed and in touch with Omega on a regular basis.

Retention of subjects is a priority, not only for sponsors but also for us at Omega. With our unique approach, Patient Retention will always be a success story on our site!

At Omega Medical Research, we know recruiting subjects into trials is only half the battle. Keeping subjects in studies is the other half. We pride ourselves on the fact that we have excellent retention rates on the vast majority of the studies we conduct. To maintain such excellent retention of our subjects we take several steps to aid in the process of retaining our enrolled patients.