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"Site is very organized in the structure."
  - D.C. CRO  Monitor

"All study staff cordial and willing to participate during the visit. Please keep up the excellent work!
  - S.B. CRO Monitor

"Documentation is wonderful!"
  - H.D. SPONSOR Monitor

"Excellent turnaround for corrections- I would recommend your site for future studies."
  - S.B. CRO Monitor

"Coordinators are very cooperative. Excellent monitoring work environment."  
- A.M.G. SPONSOR Monitor

"Site is well organized and source docs are easy to follow."
  - W.B. CRO Monitor

"CRFs/source docs are complete, accurate and easy to follow."
  - M.E.F. CRO Monitor

"I'm starting another flu study shortly and they are on the top of my list."
  - C.M.D. Sr. Director, Clinical Operations, CRO

"All I can say is this site is awesome! They make life as a CRA so much easier: whether it's ensuring all F/U items from my letter are resolved before the next visit, or pursuing subjects/hospitals to ensure all available SAE info is collected."
  - J.Z. CRO Monitor

"In response to the Department of Health and Human Services visit to the site- "The site was perceived by our client (DHHS) as exceptional and would be recommended for future work. The site 's staff did a great job providing our client with very responsive answers to study specific questions, facility questions, process questions and received them with great hospitality and respect"
  - C.A.M., Clinical Project Manager, SPONSOR

"Omega Medical Research is an impressive and efficient organization with a long and successful record of past studies. The two founders and the PI appear to be knowledgeable and capable professionals."
  - V.C., Assistant Secretary, DHHS/BARDA

"CRFs are complete, neat, accurate and available"
  - H.D. SPONSOR Monitor

"Excellent source documents!"
   – D.B. CRO Monitor

"Source documents and CRFs are very well done."
  - E.B. CRO Research

"All data is flawless!"
  - A.H. CRO Monitor

"All work is perfectly organized."
  - T.M. SPONSOR Monitor

"Better than ever - just excellent work."
  - D.P., CRO Monitor

"Source documents are complete, accurate, neat and available."
  - K.M., CRO Monitor

"Regulatory binder has excellent organization and is complete."
   - J.B., CRO Monitor

"This is an excellent site, in fact, we use this site as a model when making suggestions to other sites."
  - G.B., CRO Monitor

"Documentation is wonderful, very professional, well- organized, and accurate."
  - L.G., CRO Monitor

"No concerns with this site, always a pleasure to work here."
   - C.O., SPONSOR Monitor

"You have a good working team."  - J.N., CRO Monitor

"Thanks for your continued "top quality" work."
   - D.J.P.,  SPONSOR Monitor

"Thanks for a great visit and wonderful smiling faces everytime I come. I really do look forward to monitoring here. Aside from the quality work, the people I come in contact with are always friendly and willing to help in any way necessary, so, thank you."
   - D.J. M.,  SPONSOR Monitor

"It was a pleasure to monitor here as everything was found organized and complete."
   - J.C., CRO Monitor

"Enrollment is excellent, the staff is very helpful and available."
- S.C., CRO Monitor

"Source docs and CRFs were organized, complete and ready for me."
   - B.Y., CRO Monitor

"I found the documentation to be complete, neat, accurate and available, and was easy to follow." 
  - F.D., CRO Monitor

"The PI is always available and willing to meet with me at my monitoring visits." 
  - H.D., SPONSOR Monitor

"This is one of my favorite sites to monitor at. The staff is very professional and easy work with!" 
  - D.P., CRO Monitor

"You can just tell the minute you walk into this site that it is a well organized, a highly experienced organization! GREAT SITE!" 
  - L.M., SPONSOR Monitor