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  • Influenza Vaccine Studies
  • Lyme Disease Vaccine Study
  • Metabolic/Endocrine Studies
  • Neurology Studies
  • Pain Studies
  • Pediatric Meningitis Vaccine Study
  • Pneumococcal Vaccine Study
  • Psychiatric Studies
  • Pulmonary Studies
  • Shingles Vaccine Study
  • Women's Health Studies

Since 1993, Omega Medical Research has performed the clinical trials awarded with excellent quality, while maintaining high standards of ethics and integrity. Below is a sampling of some of our completed work. We invite you to take a look at the metrics and information that translates into a job well done. Sponsors and CRO's return to us for a reason: We are a site that takes pride in its work and its quality; we are a site that is concerned with subject safety first and foremost; and we are a site where continuous quality improvement is a priority. These are our guiding principles, and these are the reasons behind our success.

  • Avian Flu Vaccine Study
  • Cardiovascular Studies
  • Dermatology Studies
  • Gastrointestinal Studies
  • Genital Herpes Vaccine Study
  • Genitourinary Studies
  • H1N1 Vaccine Studies
  • Healthy Volunteer Study
  • HIV Vaccine Study
  • HPV Vaccine Study
  • Infectious Disease Studies